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KuBu Spa has its own exclusively blended oils for you to choose from prior to your massage. You will be asked to pick your oil based on your mood and how you would like to feel afterwards.

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KuBu Spa Ayung Batu Warm Stone Massage

Duration: 55 mins & 85 mins

Price: £78.00 & £95.00

Using heated smooth volcanic stones as extended tools of the massage therapist's hands, this unusual healing massage will mesmerise you. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the layers of your muscles, and remaining stones are placed on energy points of the body, bringing you to a level of deepest relaxation.

KuBu Spa Traditional Balinese Massage

Duration: 55 mins & 85 mins

Price: £68.00 & £90.00

A wonderful traditional Balinese deep tissue therapy massage which combines long stokes and palm pressure techniques for muscle rejuvenation and mental relaxation.

KuBu Spa Aromatherapy Massage

Duration: 55 mins & 85 mins

Price: £68.00 & £90.00

A combination of massage techniques designed for relaxing, healing and de-stressing. This soothing massage combines aromatherapy, Balinese and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi techniques that will enhance your sense of well being, and stimulate the respiratory and central nervous system.

KuBu Spa Back, Neck & Head Massage

Duration: 40 mins

Price: £58.00

This massage uses a combination of massage techniques on the back, neck and head, enabling you to relax and unwind. Designed to ease away tension & restoring a sense of tranquillity.

KuBu Spa Indian Head Massage

Duration: 25 mins

Price: £35.00

A calming yet revitalising treatment which stimulates vital energy points and releases accumulated stress and tension. This deeply therapeutic, gentle yet firm massage, works on the scalp and underlying muscles, aiding alleviation of tension-headaches and eye-strain. A circulatory booster which induces a since of total calm and wellbeing.

Alternatively, why not try or combine a massage with ...

Elemis Musclease Aromaspa Ocean Wrap

Duration: 70 mins

Price: £75.00

Powerful seaweed wrap aimed to ease muscle spasm and stressed joints. Drift away whilst you are cocooned in a comforting foil wrap and treated to a pressure point facial massage and de-stress scalp treatment. Using a warming blend of Essential Oils, this specialised treatment helps ease aching and tense muscles.
Recommended: 2 treatments per week.